1. "The test of how racist you are is not how many people of color you can count as friends,” I recall someone telling me—I can’t remember who now. “It’s how many white people you’re willing to talk to about racism."

  2. "Shenanigans. Beautiful word: Shenanigans."
    — The Doctor (via nettledream)

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    • Henny was very clear she wanted me to read a book naked today.
    • I wasn’t sure about going full-frontal for a photo. I’ve never done it before. Obviously I made up my mind.
    • I also didn’t realize until after I took this that I’m basically ripping off HeroFetish.

    Happy Naked Reading Day everyone. =)

    OH HELLO!!!

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  4. sex drawer in new apartment

    mine photo sexy
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    I’ll draw Babs later lol I got way too frustrated trying to pin a design on her.

    [art: Stephanie and Cassandra in forties fashion! Stephanie is in a pinstriped eggplant dress with black sleeves and gloves, with a matching hat. She wears a yellow bat necklace. Cassandra is in a grey pinstriped suit with a yellow cravat and light gloves. Her black heels have tiny bats on them. Steph is swaying her hips, raising her fist with a wink; Cass is turned toward her, glancing towards the viewer almost shyly.]

    adorable flirting! 

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    Chocolate Chip (in her scene with Akira) using a dental dam on CrashPadSeries.com

    auto reblog anything to do with dental dams (a severely underrepresented item)

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  7. Crawly looked at the rain.
    “No,” he said, sobering up. “I suppose not.” 

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    project header 2/9: Assassin baby cass cain! I would have put her in full costume but I’m not really too happy with how they have dealt with that history as of late.

    This is GORGEOUS. The colorsssss! 

    Nic you just get…more and more talented and amazing, WHAT IS THIS

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  9. 212/365

    new place

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  10. 213/365

    naked in the new place

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  11. 214/365

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  12. 215/365

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  13. 216/365

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    In the background Sailor Venus is smiling and winking. In the foreground is a Pokemon team I think she would have.
    [mage described in alt text]

    Raichu: Since Minako dreams of being a pop idol, I thought the mascot of the series would be a good fit for her — but I think Raichu suits Minako’s mature persona more than Pikachu does. Plus, Minako’s powers often involve light and Raichu is, obviously, an…

    best team

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    Spoiler, Batgirl, and Robin by Joe Pekar

    [art: a black and white illustration of Stephanie Brown as Spoiler, Batgirl, and Robin. Batgirl is in the middle, grinning with her arms around the others’ shoulders. Spoiler is turned slightly, arms crossed. Robin is smirking, hand on her hip.]

    stephanie brown spoiler robin batgirl iii fanart
  16. soft-ie:

    [Image: Illustration of Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  She is standing in the center in grayscale, the background purple, looking intensely at the viewer.  In her hands she hold two machine guns, one of which is a silenced submahine gun and the other of which is a M-16 Assault Rifle.]


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    I don’t speak English very well and sometimes, I avoid saying what I think of because that. I’m always afraid people will misunderstand what I’m going to say and it’s going to be a wank!fest or something, but really, I would like to say something. It has to do with the way…

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    The “Jews Say No” movement held a protest in Upper Manhattan expressing their opposition to the recent air attacks by Israel on the Gaza strip. Protesters stood silently, holding posters and placards which voiced their concerns. New York, USA. 22nd August 2011 (Demotix Images)

    This. Is. Awesome <3

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    We’ve kept our hoovesies warm at home, time off from work to play!

    but the food we’ve stored is runnin’ out and White Walkers thrive in cold


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    Friendship is Magic Game of Thrones My Little Pony winter is coming
  20. 217/365

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