1. davejadekat:

    follow for more soft rosejade

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    jaderose maryamdoodlesthings this is silly i will draw HARD rosejade later rose lalonde jade harley homestuck
  2. lurkingspork:

    It is said, that when you drink from the pool and make offering of a red rose, that a goddess will appear.~

    Why is Kanaya in almost hooker heels in a rocky cave…I don’t know :CC maybe…she’s hoping to get lucky???

    Click though for better res (you’ve gotta click it twice) <:(

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    rose lalonde kanaya maryam kanaya x rose lurkingspork
  3. y-occ-uri:

    lesbianpirates commissioned for a nsfw Rose<3<Vriska

    this idea changed about like 20 different times in my head and started out being like wrestling around and angry and sort of sexy but pretty sfw still and now its like this super tender sort of hate where they decided to put aside their differences for the sake of a good bang

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    yoccu y-occ-uri rose lalonde vriska serket rose x vriska nsfw blackrom
  4. thecatprince:

    This was a suggestion

    Don’t look at me like that

    I’m just trying to draw detailed stuff but I suck at drawing detailed stuff

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    rose lalonde kanaya maryam kanaya x rose tw: body horror thecatprince
  5. gadaboutcrowd:

    gals for DM

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    rose lalonde kanaya maryam kanaya x rose gadaboutcrowd
  6. intergalactickoala:



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    rose lalonde roxy lalonde incest tw for incest intergalactickoala
  7. isozyme:

    Oh fuck it.

    Not enough lesbians on my blog anyway.

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    rose lalonde kanaya maryam isozyme tw: body horror kanaya x rose nsfw
  8. kiss me

    k-k-kiss me - AH

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    kanaya maryam rose lalonde kanaya x rose n00dlesnd00dles
  9. professorgoogoo:

    How come I can’t just do a sketch without completely finishing it? I CANNOT.

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    rose lalonde professorgoogoo
  10. crowry:

    i am so attached to the idea that rose’s god tier is a tank unitard and a really gauzy dress with a sick swirly golden belt. 

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    rose lalonde crowry
  11. liberatrix:

    dersecest in domestic interiors pt. 2: for tumblr user kodamahugs and her rose/roxy fic

    oops I think the level of detail makes this kind of unintentionally hilarious. like “woah let’s put in wizard statues and potted plants, let’s do some patterned tiles and beautiful lighting — oh yeah, and the kinky lesbian incest, totally forgot I was drawing that heh”. not sure if the style works for the porn though, it either makes it less sexy…or…moreso…

    okay off for morning run!

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    roxy lalonde rose lalonde rose x roxy liberatrix nsfw tw: incest tw: dub con
  12. skaritagonehomestuck:

    Here, have some late update-related lesbians.

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    kanaya maryam rose lalonde skaritagonehomestuck
  13. monkeyscandance:

    I really like these two.

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    rose lalonde kanaya maryam rose x kanaya monkeyscandance
  14. weissidian:

    Finished God Tier Kids! I love how all of their designs came out, though Em designed John’s for me. So go love her for her gorgeousness. I might make full references of the outfits later, I really want to cosplay Rose’s ; c ;

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    jade harley rose lalonde dave strider john egbert weissidian
  15. slimewise:


    [image: fanart of jade and rose wearing john and dave’s suits. both are smiling and holding hands, but while rose’s free hand is hanging at her side, jade is swinging hers in exuberance.]


    aaaand the girls!


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    jade harley rose lalonde otp: there is no kryptonite crossdressing