1. tentaclehugs:



    join teh allienance! we have martineis and space mutineis!



    *cats ;)

    TG: im roxy lalonne an tis my faeovrit

    TG: *favrote

    TG: *fivorate

    TG: besht fuckkin store on teh sit adel

    TG: *citadel

    omg cute!

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    I love it when fandoms collide homestuck mass effect roxy lalonde alcohol this is really cute :)
  2. dorirosa:

    i’l chew you up and spit you out

    ‘cause that’s what young love is all about

    thanks, anything that burns, for killing me softly.

    still cant decide on how to draw roxy argh

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    jane crocker roxy lalonde jane x roxy dorirosa
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    (They had a sloshed sleepover.)

    jmannmey i lov ur butt u3u

    hnnnng yes

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    jane crocker roxy lalonde b arts janeroxy cotton candy shipping n drangles sorry i keep drawing jane's butt as a major player in my compositions s...sorry reblog
  4. keikyua:

    She told me not to step on the cracks
    I told her not to fuss and relax
    Pretty little face stopped me in my tracks
    But now she sleeps with one eye open


    Have some lovely Gothstuck ladies.

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    jane crocker roxy lalonde jane x roxy keikyua thank u gothstuck
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    rose lalonde roxy lalonde incest tw for incest intergalactickoala
  6. alizabith:

    u dont kno oh o o
    UU dont know yr beautiful

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    calliope roxy lalonde calliope x roxy alizabith
  7. grolify:

    i had a dream where jane/roxy were having sex on webcam for jake/dirk who were also having sex on webcam and it was in your artstyle and i just wanted to say that your art is literally taking over my life help

    You have the best dreams. The very best.

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    jane crocker roxy lalonde dirk strider jake english jane x roxy nsfw grolify
  8. dirk-strider homestuck roxy lalonde homestuck update precious lambs
  9. pumpkinnqueenn:

    god this is cuter than i could’ve hoped for it to come out

    i dunno why but polkadots and leather jackets just work for her

    i cant decide if its more 50’s or 80’s..hmmm

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    roxy lalonde pumpkinnqueenn
  10. ultrafighters:

    i felt excessively unclean drawing this

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    roxy lalonde jane crocker ultrafighters
  11. atomykknight:

    You’re drunk, you need it
    Real love, I’ll give it“ 
    Credits:   ☾ ☾ 

    A little secret? I ship Dunkin’ Donuts. Yup, not sorry.

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    Dirk Strider Roxy Lalonde Homestuck dirk roxy derse dreamers
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    jane crocker roxy lalonde jane x roxy tw: alcohol rainbowsqueeze
  13. grolify:

    May I request Jane <3< Roxy?
    …Does this count? I sure hope it does.

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    nsfw jane crocker roxy lalonde jane x roxy grolify tw: asphyxiation tw: dub con
  14. liberatrix:

    dersecest in domestic interiors pt. 2: for tumblr user kodamahugs and her rose/roxy fic

    oops I think the level of detail makes this kind of unintentionally hilarious. like “woah let’s put in wizard statues and potted plants, let’s do some patterned tiles and beautiful lighting — oh yeah, and the kinky lesbian incest, totally forgot I was drawing that heh”. not sure if the style works for the porn though, it either makes it less sexy…or…moreso…

    okay off for morning run!

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    roxy lalonde rose lalonde rose x roxy liberatrix nsfw tw: incest tw: dub con
  15. naughtybutthole:

    jane executes a flawless x2 boobtouch combo

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    jane crocker roxy lalonde mtf!jane nsfw fanart mtf janeroxy